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NIGHT ONE | Wed 27 July 2022


Total run time: 113 minutes

We Don’t Usually Have Ice Creams

(10 mins) Director Paul McCredie, NZ

This isn’t your average pensioner walking group. They don’t believe in tracks or bridges. They scale untracked ridges, ford or swim rivers, scramble up waterfalls, abseil over bluffs and seldom get home before dark. These men are tough, but the women are tougher.

Traversing the Night

(40 mins) Director Maddy Whittaker, NZ

With an average age of 22, the four New Zealand Alpine Kids (as they called themselves) set off from Arthur’s Pass. The dream was to traverse the spine of the Southern Alps for the next three months until they reached Fiordland. The mountains are wonderful, beautiful and healing – but they are healing because they make us confront things that get drowned out in regular civilisation.

The Great Alpine Highway

(23 mins) Directors Fin Woods, Chris Maunsell & Craig Murray, NZ

This is a film following local skiers as they pile into Rongo – a converted school bus – and explore some of NZ’s best terrain. They dive into the eclectic club scene and meet some of the locals that make skiing in Aotearoa so exceptional.

The Long Way Home

(40 mins) Directors Rebecca Wardell & Whitney Oliver, NZ

Three Kiwi women living in Switzerland decide to skip the airplane and take the long way home – by bicycle. They set out on two wheels to cover the 20,000km through Europe, Asia, and the length of New Zealand, learning many lessons along the way.

NIGHT TWO | Wed 3 August 2022


Total Run Time: 100 Minutes


Follow The Light

(4 mins) Director Pierre Henni, France

Sunsets over dramatic landscapes to the illumination of hot air balloons and the warm ambience of the Middle East


(36 mins) Director Guillaume Pierrel, France, subtitles

In the 70’s, the pioneers explored the most breathtaking mountains in the Alps and Himalayas; 45 years later, the same passion has remained intact and skiers decide to return on the trail of their ancestors. Their goal is to ski an 8,000m Himalayan giant.

Link Sar

(18 mins) Director Graham Zimmerman, USA

This is the compelling story of the gruelling first ascent of a massive unclimbed mountain in Pakistan’s Karakoram range, Link Sar. Standing 7,041m tall, the mountain had been attempted unsuccessfully nine times before. Let’s see if these guys can make the top.

Legacy On The Muir

(25 mins) Director Max Buschini, USA(Runner-Up Award)

Born and raised as a Yosemite Valley climber, Tom Herbert revisits his father’s footsteps on his famous El Capitan route The Muir Wall.

House of The Gods

(44 mins) Director Matt Pycroft, UK

The great northern prow of Mount Roraima soars from the depths of the Amazon rainforest like the prow of a gigantic ship, shrouded in cloud, drenched by torrential rain and guarded by vertical jungle, deep mud and overhanging cliffs. Follow Leo Houlding and team on their real-world quest through 100km of untracked jungle, into a unique slime forest and up the desperately steep big wall.